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the work of media artist


Out of Order

MEET Digital Culture Center

Viale Vittorio Veneto 2 – 20124 – Milan

June 5 - August 31, 2024

curated by Maria Grazia Mattei 

"Out of Order presents “anarchic” art scenarios that trigger questions we need to face, pushing us to feel involved and participate. Not always to solve our problems, but to face our condition, understand it and ask to do something to change, starting with ourselves"

An exhibition that spans multimedia installations spanning over four decades of exploration of sound, music, interactive media, video and artwork that tackles issues of identity – even gender –, cultural truth, memory and mythology.

Notes on Us

Kunsthalle Praha, Prague

February 29  - June 3, 2024

Curator: Barbora Ropkováa

Kunsthalle Praha hosts the first-ever solo exhibition of John Sanborn’s work in the Czech Republic, titled Notes on Us.

The exhibition features V+M, (2015) a 9 channel instalation which was acquired by the Kunsthalle Praha in 2022, and Mythic Status (2016) , 4 portraits of gender queer performers portraying gods of the ancient world.

“Sanborn was never an activist artist, yet all his videos from the first decade of his career were celebrated what we can now call difference. Already in his early work, one of his main interests was interpersonal relationships, which naturally blended with his passion for storytelling,” elaborates Ropková, offering insight into the content of Sanborn’s art.

Between Order and Entropy


296 Pages, 520 Illustrations

Inspired by the exhibiton Between Order and Entropy; curated by Stephen Sarrazin and Philipp Ziegler


Edited by: Stephen Sarrazin, Peter Weibel

"This monograph brings together a collection of works that spans over four decades of exploring sound, music, cultural identity, memory, mythologies, and the human compulsion to tell stories. Essays by video art experts, reminiscences by companions, and a conversation between Sanborn and acclaimed media artist Dara Birnbaum explore the tension between mass media and contemporary art.


Sanborn himself traces the unique arc of his career and talks about a journey that took him from museums and alternative spaces to television networks, Hollywood and Silicon Valley before returning to the art world. Few other artists working with media can claim to have delved into so many visual territories."

ZKM Cover.jpg

Out of Chaos | Decoding the Obvious


3004 Taraval St @ 40th Ave San Francisco, CA 94116

January 19  - February 25, 2024

Far Out Gallery is proud to present Out of Chaos | Decoding the Obvious, created by media artist, John Sanborn. This interactive work is an AI/AR platform developed by Sanborn in order to exhibit video works, without hanging screens, or providing quick answers to challenging subjects.

50 still images on the gallery wall, trigger 50 different videos, inviting the viewers to assemble their own version of the work.

Between Order and Entropy

works 1978 - 2022

July 9 - October 30, 2022


Curated by Stephen Sarrazin | Philipp Ziegler

ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

The exhibition presents the work of the American artist John Sanborn. This exhibition, which is the largest in Europe devoted to the artist, brings together a collection of works that spans over four decades of sound, music, interactive media and video exploration.

Sanborn's recent work consists of complex media installations that address issues of cultural identity, memory, mythologies, and the human compulsion to tell stories.

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