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“Entre Nous”

(an echo of the self)


2017 | 12:22

2 channel video installation with distributed sound

Music by Dorian Wallace

We live in a time when we cannot trust ourselves. Ignoring what is natural reveals a desire to discorporate, and evaporate. Lives are wasted on folly, ideas are stillborn – our sense of self has been tortured, until what remains is a ghostly reflection.


In that spirit, there is hope. Renewal comes from destruction as Eros emerges from Chaos. We must reduce until we reach the essence, and then (by force of will) find our soul.


“Entre Nous” is a descant devised to prove the singularity of our existence, taking care to not let nuances or small facts escape, even if they appear indistinct or insignificant. In order for the most banal event to become a voyage, it is necessary to retell the story. 


We are, above all, storytellers. And the world is our invention. The work follows a logical progression of abstraction - from body to spirit, and from contemplation to sensation. Figures in discorporate form are transformed into flares, waves and gestures, pushed past perceptual reality into pure forms of light and movement. Mysterious, evanescent, yet prejudiced with grace – we realize that we can never fully articulate until we release ourselves from fault.


Long before we had doubts, we had souls that could find peace without being judged. Now, we cannot move faster than our shadows.

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