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This project consists of 2 songs with music and lyrics by COMMANDO, created in March/April 2020 during the intensity of Covid 19. 

Each performer recorded themselves with their phones, and discussed the intent behind the words, and provided context, links and images.

After that I improvised the creation of the imagery starting frame one,  with a general sense of tone and subject, but without a map, storyboard or script.

Lynn Breedlove:

“I wrote this when Prince died, about how he affected me and my pals’ personal lives by speaking up and being himself. It’s about how an artist never knows how or where their work’s gonna land, whose life they’re gonna change. But if they make something with integrity,"

Juba Kalamka:

"I originally came to the idea as a solo work, but later decided it would be more interesting if the song was constructed as a back and forth between myself ( a bisexual BDSM oriented  transplant to the SF/Oakland Bay Area in 1999 who has worked in HIV care since that time) and a queer [contextually] white San Francisco native who had an intimate “roots-down”understanding of the underpinnings of SF LGBTQ and leather culture, but who was not familiar with Fisher’s work until I introduced them to it. "

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