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(misery loves company)

2016 | 3:23 (loop) | 2 channel video installation with sound

1 channel 9x16 projection

1 channel 16x9 small HD monitor


We’re feeling anxious, stressed and pissed. We’re appalled at what divides us, and keeps pushing us apart. Our leaders are working overtime to find someone to blame – and although we know different - we feel guilty and ashamed. 


We’re being blamed for who we are, with indignity flung at not just stereotypical villains but anyone and everyone. All in an attempt to divert us from finding solutions our collective problems. There are multiple motives for estrangement, even within cohesive movements; so we’re ignoring that what unties us is our sorrow.


Yes, we’re sorry. We’re sorry for who we are, how we act, what we think, and our failures. We’re sorry to offend, ignore and perpetuate the shit we’re responsible for causing. And we’re sorry that we are powerless to fix things.


“Sorry”is an ironic but heartfelt call to action rendered as an a cappella song that is somber, silly and starkly to the point. Why are we wasting time on hate, division, fear and anger? Sorry.


“Sorry”is sung by a collection of people of all ages, races, genders and personality types – singing “on the beat” and occasionally off key. There is an ironic honesty to raw voices expressing a confused and shifting perspective on the effect that social naiveté is having on how we present ourselves and live our lives.


“Sorry”is driven by a projection of singing faces; 10 X life size. Adjacent to this are three smaller monitors displaying the world’s oppressive chaos and historical divisions (taken from public sources) - a visual expression of the “back beat” of the song. 


“Sorry”is part of a song cycle that explores the complex emotional relationship between music and life.

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