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“Tue Mon Amour”

(are we smart enough to understand animals?)


2017 4 channel video installation with distributed stereo sound

Music by Dorian Wallace


We don’t know ourselves very well, but we are defining ourselves daily. We are hiding from what hurts – a reality where our innocence makes us guilty.  Threatened by the messy, disturbing, physical world, we protect ourselves from truth, in a post-truth world.


What is clear and direct one moment is gone the next. Left behind is a measurement of time – a sense of, a memory of… something. While this evanescent occurrence disappears, a stubborn challenge endures. There is a persistence we cling to, when our senses trigger our predisposition for definition.


Embracing what feels good, we retreat to our basic comfort zones – love and nature. We fashion a healing by divisions – surviving between known and unknown; closing the distance, and diving into the equation. Philosophy, like history, can repeat itself as farce.


This state of being wants to ignore the forces in play – because nothing is that simple.

Or is it?

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