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Performed by

The Living Earth Show and Post:Ballet


Composed by

Anna Meredith


Choreographed by

Robert Dekkers


Directed by

John Sanborn

“Tassel” has a profoundly vigorous score by Anna Meredith, and my concept is a wild ride through six dance scenes, each energized by video techniques, to probe the minds of the band as they play for the dance. What do we think about when we listen to music?

Post:Ballet dance artists


Cora Cliburn

Rachel Coats

Aidan DeYoung

Caroline Langner

Jackie McConnell

Charles Martin

Gabriel Mata

Christian Squires

Vanessa Thiessen

Kar Will.

with Jan Berletti


The Living Earth Show

Travis Andrews | guitar

Andy Meyerson | percussion


Costume and Scenic Design by

Christian Squires


Makeup by

Charles Martin and Christian Squires

Video production 

Video Free America

Skip Sweeney | Roger Jones



Khaboshi Imbukwa, Asali Echols



Wes Middleton | Roger Jones | John Sanborn


Edited by

John Sanborn


Special thanks

Francis Gantos

Kathy Rose


Supported by a grant from

the East Bay Community Foundation

And contributors

Joe Botz

John and Tara Boris

Sarah Cahill

Gerhard Clausing

Pete Dako

Paula Damgaard

Dianna Dar

Zoe Elton

Amy Huang

Richard Jennings

Barbara Kayne

Lucy and George Mattingly

Harold Meltzer

Regina Meyers

Hannah Neff

Debbie O’Grady

Patricia Richards

Veronica Selver

Carol Siegal

Ben Salzman

John Zieman


© 2016 The Living Earth Show, Post:Ballet & John Sanborn

Supported by a grant from the East Bay Community Foundation

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