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The search for a rhythm to life – away from context or normal content - is a mythic quest. There is a pulse that drives our methods of communication and ability to express ourselves - and we look for it everywhere.

When properly organized we call this quest “music”, but the beat really lives below our consciousness and inside our souls. We find resonance in nature, and work to externalize it while attempting to transform ourselves into superior beings - called artists.

Maybe we are looking in the wrong places. The usual routine is anthropomorphism - projecting human traits into inanimate objects - bringing life to the lifeless. What if we reversed the process, and reduced the complexities of humanity to elemental qualities? Strip away the educated artifice and go back to basics - and maybe we get a solution. Or at least a beat.


Rock | Paper | Scissors premiered in October 2015 at Cartel Collective, Berlin.

017 RPS 001
018 RPS 002
019 RPS 006
020 RPS 007
021 RPS 008
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