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Notes on Us

Kunsthalle Praha, Prague

February 29  - June 3, 2024

Curator: Barbora Ropkováa

Kunsthalle Praha hosts the first-ever solo exhibition of John Sanborn’s work in the Czech Republic, titled Notes on Us.

The exhibition features V+M, (2015) a 9 channel instalation which was acquired by the Kunsthalle Praha in 2022, and Mythic Status (2016) , 4 portraits of gender queer performers portraying gods of the ancient world.

“Sanborn was never an activist artist, yet all his videos from the first decade of his career were celebrated what we can now call difference. Already in his early work, one of his main interests was interpersonal relationships, which naturally blended with his passion for storytelling,” elaborates Ropková, offering insight into the content of Sanborn’s art.

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