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music by Theresa Wong


Rhyme or Reason is a 3-channel video and sound installation that expresses humanity positioned somewhere between inarticulate intimacy and a vast social machine. The work is commentary on our inability (but continual struggle) to define ourselves - powerless against the forces of nature and the initiatives of civilization.


The construct is a world of make believe imagery – dreams we have of Eros and order - sweetly balanced in our lives. We inhabit a space between the physical and the intellectual – but we live in a fortress of emotionality. The work queries the interval between the fulfillment of the systems we create and the passionate erotic we covet, but cannot attain. The distance between body and mind is considerable, but there is hope.


Text is in French and English.


Rhyme or Reason premiered at the TRACE(S) festival des arts numeriques in the Chartreuse de Valbonne on May 5th 2015.

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