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resound (remake)


1982 | 2016, 6 channels HD video + sound, each channel 1920 X 1080 pixels, 7:34 (random play) 


The original installation of “resound” was a seven-channel video and sound work exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art in 1981. Originally an extension of the short video work “Order”, “resound” took the notion of John Cage that all sound is music and orchestrated 12 “found” sounds to create a percussive environment. At once joyous and deliberate, “resound” was rebuilt several times over the years for different venues, all using 3/4 video tapes as playback sources.


The remake of “resound” is installed in an enclosed room with six digital channels built of 25 “found” sounds orchestrated via video editing to play as an evolving, but fundamentally random loop. Once the show starts it never repeats itself, yet stays on the beat.


 “resound (remake)” evokes the original piece, but is richer, darker, and much, much louder.


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