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Give Me a Second…

2018 | 4 channel video installation | 6:48

Never gave it a second thought, how I would die. Not a subject of conversation although death surrounded me. I was shocked at Hannah” passing, mystified when Bill E. passed the day after our final conversation, and I wonder how I will feel when Bill V. and Dara B. die. Each day brings me closer to events I have avoided.


What’s going on that I cannot see, or control? The eternal struggle between mind and body will duke it out once again. Disassociation or decay are likely candidates for my demise. But then I have always been a strong devotee of chance. 


Final questions will remain - fire or earth and what’s next.


“Give Me a Second…” is a casual meditation on the inevitable. A confession of obsession in my 6thdecade. An acceptance of substance but not reality.


It’s going to happen – let’s play it as a game, or at least with a smile.

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