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PICO (reMIX) | 2013

John Sanborn and New Music Bay Area Present PICO (Performance Indeterminate Cage Opera)
This work premiered on Friday, September 14th, 2012 @ 7:30 pm at the Berkeley Art Museum as part of the L@TE series.

PICO is a spontaneous mix of prepared video, recorded sound, live musical performance and dance, and audience participation reflecting the profound changes to the ways we See, Hear and Think brought by Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and Nam June Paik. The premiere performance featured 6 channels of pre-recorded video, 30 live dancers, 4 live musicians, over 2000 sound samples mixed by Negativland - and the participation of over 90 audience members.​


PICO | "Charlotte's Groove" with Theresa Wong

To tease you about just how wild and intriguing PICO is going to be, watch this short video called "Charlotte's Groove" featuring the superb performer Theresa Wong, channeling the legendary Charlotte Moorman, foil to Nam June Paik for over 30 years. Theresa will be performing LIVE (and on video) in PICO, on the cello and TV cello.  The secret lies with Charlotte.

PICO | Endless Alley Walk

In the spirit of reframing your visual and mental space, this endless loop of shifted reality is a metaphor for the mind-shifts of Duchamp and Paik. A frame of reference that is totally self-referential. A joke on a joke, with a smooth hypnotic continuous motion.

PICO | Face Frames Freeze

PICO (Performance Indeterminate Cage Opera) seduces viewers to shift their gaze from face forward to an oblique angle, to move their frame of reference. This element prepared for the live performance, and featured in the reMix DVD demonstrates this theory via the TV magic of Roger Jones, Skip Sweeney and the crew at Video Free America.

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