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2017 11:35

stained glass inside a 9x16 video projection, stereo sound


Created by John Sanborn

Stained Glass by Jean Lebideau, with Stéphan Bernard and Julien Piedpremier

Special Thanks to Fanny Bauguil

Music by Dorian Wallace


Premiere at Videoformes

March 15 to April 1 2017

Clermont-Ferrand, France

The question of authority and what turns the world is more important than ever. But the world is out of control, and seemingly without passion or respect - so we seek causality. Doesn’t matter what it is – we must understand what makes things stop – and go.


At the center is the hand that controls, signals and touches. The same hand that caresses your face can slap it silly. Our righteous hand is tied to lies and misdeeds – so we find ourselves accountable for the actions of others. As we tabulate the moral cost of privilege – we know someone must pay. We understand how romance and business work, but we cannot control either. We seek the source and we find our hands are dirty – without salvation.


The result of our confusion is a dizzying spiral that exalts us and condemns us. A force, unseen, controls us – and moves us towards danger and desire. Everything is important, but nothing matters. The spirit rules the physical and the emotional - forces we cannot understand defy our rational nature.


Still, we dance - because joy informs silence.


The work is in five sections:

  1. Acts of Reason (music by Dorian Wallace)

  2. Basis for Resurrection

  3. Collecting Compassion (music by Dorian Wallace)

  4. Diving into Darkness

  5. Electric Hope (music by Dorian Wallace)

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