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MMI | 61:00 | 2002            video by John Sanborn                   music by Paul Dresher

"MMI", a short feature film about the adventures we had in New York in 2001, and about death and the redemptive power of family. The work in in 7 parts totaling 61 minutes.

The work premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October of 2002 and was reviewed by VARIETY who said "Avant-garde in form yet poignant, funny and accessible, normally acerbic experimental filmmaker John Sanborn's short feature "MMI" unites the political, the personal and the philosophical in one deft package. Reflection on his tumultuous first post-millennial year -- one that encompassed a cross-continental move, stressful new job, deaths and 9/11 -- is an inventive audio/visual collage that carries real emotional heft."

The visual storytelling style is unique and very personal, a mix of text, random images, and footage of very personal journies and events. Music is by Berkeley composer Paul Dresher. "MMI" has been selected to screen at over 20 festivals worldwide, including the Tribeca Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the Madrid Film Festival.

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